Chemical Fixation, Solidification & Soil Remediation Technologies

Chemical Fixation and Solidification technology (CFS) is a widely accepted remediation process for the treatment and recycling of certain hazardous waste streams. Soli-Bond, Inc.’s permitted CFS treatment process is a proven method to modify the chemical and or physical character or composition of a waste. Our method reduces the hazard potential of certain wastes by converting the targeted contaminants into their least soluble, mobile or toxic formulation. On wastes where physically improvement for recycling and or disposal is the goal, our process mechanically binds or solidifies the waste into a soil-like solid. Any migration of the contaminants is greatly reduced by reducing the surface area exposed to leaching or by isolating the waste into a cementitious lattice structure.

A case by case basis establishes beneficial re-use programs as the material is widely accepted for recycling among state and local agencies.