Message from Soli-Bond, Inc.

Dwight Hartley
President, Soli-Bond, Incorporated

As you navigate through our website you will see our approach to the various waste streams we are challenged with every day and the numerous energy sectors we serve.

Our goal is to provide our clients the best proven technologies to respond to their needs. For over 30 years, Soli-Bond Inc. has been assisting our clients through the ever changing regulatory requirements of Federal, State and local municipalities. Our dedication to our customers’ needs and our “can do” approach has set us apart from our competition while providing our clients valuable solutions to their waste handling difficulties.

Our experience processing diverse waste streams, from Oil & Gas Exploration, tunneling and boring operations, to wine manufacturing byproducts have lead us to develop specialized processing equipment. With two United States Patents granted for a proprietary Vacuum processing system, we at Soli-Bond are continuing to strive to improve industries safety standards, while implementing cost saving practices. Our success record over these many years is why Soli-Bond is the leader in chemical fixation, solidification and stabilization of the energy industry’s complex waste streams.