Pitless Operations

Pitless Operations


Soli-Bond, Inc. has developed specialized equipment and methods to support pitless, closed loop operations which are unique and unlike any other in the industry. Our pitless equipment receives, processes, and transfers wet cuttings and mud without air emissions or ground contamination. The processing of wet drill cuttings, using the Soli-Bond, Inc. process, physically solidifies AND chemically stabilizes the waste without a significant increase in weight or volume. The Soli-Bond process has been proven to be effective in processing all types of drill cuttings and mud combinations, from air drill to synthetic to oil base mud cuttings.

Our processes provide complete cuttings management, from the solids control discharge through transport and landfilling or beneficial reuse. Several alternative technologies are now available for pitless cuttings management, all of which operate “in-process” as drilling proceeds on a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week basis. Examples of these processes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vacuum powered, totally enclosed unit which provides the ultimate in flexibility for collection, continuous processing and discharge of drill cuttings/mud and other wet or liquidus wastes on location.
  • Mechanical collection, decanting and processing units which provide liquid/solids separation capability as well as continuous cuttings processing in a self-contained, two skid arrangement with totally enclosed, dust free reagent feed equipment.
  • Tracked equipment-based collection, processing, and transfer operation using portable, dust free reagent dispensers for clean, effective cuttings and mud stabilization and management. Supplemented with a skid mounted vacuum power unit originally designed for offshore drilling platforms, this processing train offers great versatility and application to the most demanding drilling location conditions while maintaining a high level of efficiency and cleanliness.

The result of the application of any of the several Soli-Bond processes to pitless drilling operations is the transformation of wet, unstable drill cuttings and mud into a dry, physically and chemically stable material which can be used as a material for beneficial reuse (with appropriate regulatory approvals) or landfilled without incident, with minimum volume and weight increase.

The proprietary Soli-Bond reagent is 100% inorganic mineral derived and does not contain organic “fillers” such as wood or paper wastes that will ultimately decompose.