Pit Closures

Soli-Bond, Inc. has developed unique solidification and chemical stabilization techniques specifically designed for application to drill cuttings/mud contained within drilling or reserve pits. The Soli-Bond, Inc. process uses proprietary blended reagents that are carefully and uniformly blended into the cuttings/mud in order to chemically stabilize and physically solidify the drilling wastes.

The reagents used by Soli-Bond, Inc. are 100% inorganic, and do not contain fillers such as sawdust or paper-based wastes that decompose over time and increase the drill cutting volume. The equipment used to apply and mix the reagents is an integral and important part of the Soli-Bond process as well. Mixing rakes, cyclonic reagent dispensers, and other specialized equipment have been designed, constructed and field tested by the Soli-Bond, Inc. firm for this use.

The stabilization of cuttings within a lined pit can be performed without perforation or damaging the pit liner, as required in many regions of the US. The result of the application of this process is the transformation of wet, sometimes oily cuttings into a solid, granular material that exhibits structural strength and a greatly reduced leachate rate of heavy metals, organics and/or TDS (salt) WITHOUT significantly increasing the volume nor the weight of the cuttings. In addition to the stabilization of the cuttings/mud in pits, Soli-Bond, Inc. can then perform the final pit closure work if desired, including liner folding, spoils placement and contouring.