Chemical Fixation, Solidification & Soil Remediation Technologies

Soil Remediation

Soli-Bond, Inc. has established a new standard of on-site management services in the soil remediation industry. Traditionally, remediation projects are plagued by poor service, scheduling delays, cost overruns, and most importantly, ineffective processes. Soli-Bond, Inc. solves these problems.

The Soli-Bond, Inc. soils remediation processes utilize advanced technologies to stabilize contaminated soils, effectively “fixing” thru physical encapsulation and chemical transformation the constituents of concern. These processes utilize the proprietary Soli-Bond, Inc. blended reagents as the cornerstone of success. Each reagent blend is designed for effective encapsulation/fixation of the constituents of concern, ranging from organics to dissolved solids or salts to heavy metals. The Soli-Bond, Inc. process has proven effectiveness, and can be applied to high volume, continuous processing projects as well as batch operations.

It is our experience that successful remediation projects are the result of not only well designed technical processes but also careful planning and skillful implementation. The “process” is instrumental and must be thoroughly understood and tested in the lab and field. Ultimately, however, the bottom line to project success is the effective management of well trained field technicians that get the job done right the first time. Our track record of on-time project completion without cost overrun speaks for itself. Our reputation at Soli-Bond, Inc. is based on our quality service and the key to this service is our people.