Waste Management

Waste Management


Soli-Bond, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in treatment and reuse of non-hazardous drilling muds, cuttings, and production wastes derived from oil and gas exploration activities. Soli-Bond, Inc. has developed a patented process for the treatment of these waste types in a manner allowing the end product to be utilized as daily and intermediate landfill cover.

The product, trademarked as Soli-Soil, meets the functional and procedural conditions of daily/intermediate cover as defined by the Integrated Waste Management Board Regulations (Title 14, California code of Regulations) and guidelines (IWMB Procedural Guidance for the use of Alternative Daily Cover 4/16/90). The Soli-Soil materials provide very good product performance while conserving on-site soil supplies and reducing operating cost.

Soli-Soil Product Description

Soli-Soil is a manufactured soil-like material with physical properties similar to a fine-grained clay. Hauling, stockpiling and compaction are identical to any fine-grained soil. The product is alkaline in nature due to required treatment additives.

Consequently, Soli-Soil has excellent buffering capacities for acid condition found associated with some landfill sites. Optimum moisture content for product handling and compaction is 30% by weight. All materials delivered to the operational area would have maximum moisture content below 50% by weight.