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Dwight Hartley

President, Soli-Bond, Incorporated

Welcome to our website. I encourage you to navigate it thoroughly to get a better understanding of our company and the industry we serve.

No matter how extensive a website is, it is difficult to cover all of the subjects that warrant treatment. There is one thing however that I want our site visitors to take away with them and that is our business focus. At Soli-Bond, Inc. our number one goal is to provide superior value to our customers while conducting our operations in a safe and environmentally compliant manner. As one of the premier oil field services companies in the world, we believe that we have the resources necessary to meet that objective. This will enable us to create greater value for all of our stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees.

Please explore our site and learn about our innovative equipment and services. You will find a common thread in everything we do: we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers achieve long-term success. We are developing new technologies and building new equipment that will improve efficiency. We are convinced that these innovations will have profound effects on the way our customers manage drill cuttings and other waste materials in the future.

You will also learn about our commitment to our employees and our investors. We are developing unique training programs, ensuring that our people are the safest and best trained force in the field.

And of course, we remain open to your suggestions should you feel we could improve this website, our company, or the service we provide.

Thank you.

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